Recent Presentations & Papers

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  1. Smitka keynote talk, James Madison University: China’s Challenges: Lessons from Japan
  2. Smitka 2015 ISA Conference presentation
  3. Smitka 2015 GERPISA Conference China presentations (two)
  4. Smitka & Warrian 2015 GERPISA Conference Supplier Technology paper & presentation
  5. Smitka and Warrian 2014 ISA Conference presentation.
  6. Uploaded:

  7. National Association of Japan-America Societies presentation August 27, 2013 in Pittsburgh. In a very brief time slot, I tried to highlight a combination of current issues (“Abenomics”), an overview of underappreciated areas of dynamism in the economy such as the transformation of lifestyles over the past 20 years, and long run issues driven by demographics (and which will drive a decline in the domestic auto industry). Smitka NAJAS presentation.
  8. Smitka ISA Conference final v2 This is a presentation given May 2013 at the annual Industry Studies Association in Kansas City, MO on the evolving role of suppliers as sources of technology in the automotive industry, reflecting 19 years of experience as a judge for the Automotive News PACE supplier innovation awards.
  9. UMTRI Conference Smitka My presentation at the April 2013 conference in Ann Arbor, MI “Inside Japan: Understanding the Current and Future Japanese Domestic and Global Automotive Industry” sponsored by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

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